Three Passions

One me.


“Dreams are a window to your maximum potential”Lisa J says that her career as an entrepreneur started when everything in her life felt as though it was catapulting in the wrong direction. Little did she know it was all shifting to go in the right direction Lisa has over 18 years in the fashion retail industry. She has worked for several brands like Gap Inc, Disney, Cache’ American Eagle etc. During her time in these roles she was able to learn and develop into the fashion industry seeing exactly how things operate on an corporate level. Lisa has lead several fashion shows and has had her designs in shows like Black Economic Expo, Marble Experience Fashion Show. Her designs have been worn by several artists Branjae Jackson from Branjae Music, Preston Simmons from “Tha Vets” & Tea Rush in the “Rush Fest”

She has written as a freelance journalist for The Tulsa Today an online magazine. Written/Directed plays for  Black Wall street Theatre. Casted Directed and wrote the short Film “Sixteen.." Mentioned in Articles for  The Tulsa Voice  &Black Wall Street Times.



Lisa J says that she has the ability to translate stories into garments, films, blogs, articles and runways After her divorce she decided that she was going to focus on her passion of writing. That was when Style By Lisa J was born. "In the kitchen of my 3 bedroom home I began cutting and sewing stories for my clients” Said Lisa. She said that in that phase of her life she told the best stories in clothing. She says that 4 months after that she was laid off from her full time job. I was depressed, I was lost and didn't know what I was going to do, But I had to do something, my children had endured enough, so I wanted to make all the sacrifices I needed to for them.


I took my savings, my 401k and whatever I had left. I paid my rent for the next 4 months and invested in my business 100%. That was a hard sacrifice. I didn't know what I was doing, I was just trusting GOD and the dream I had.

She says that was the darkest and best day of her life. If I had not been pushed into a place of vulnerability I would have abandoned my dreams. Today I am a stylist/designer/publicist to a celebrity client & have my own Brand. Not because of a family history of business owners nor a degree but because I failed and got back up. I dreamed and decided to live that dream.

The Lisa J Brand

Lisa J is a brand that channels the edgy more daring side of fashion. We are high quality and pay attention to detail and we find the fun in doing things that are fashionably unacceptable.

We are a brand that embraces different, empowers women to be alluring and classy. We welcome men that have the urban edge.  

Lisa J is more than a brand its the underdog.

Style by Lisa J

Motto: Styling your Story 


Style by Lisa J is the mother of all the brands. Which is why I decided to name the Company after it. Style by Lisa J started in Winter of 2016. With my Styling agency My goal is to help other creatives reach There Visual Voice. “What look are you missing in order to become this person that you want the world to see.” “Tell me about this person that is singing, dancing, speaking, writing.” Are all questions I ask to determine a look. Providing clients with a professional team of photographers, MUA’s and hair stylist for the look.

Odd Candy

Motto: Strange Brilliance


Odd Candy Clothing! That name says so much! Its REAL people embracing it! It is the personality of an artist. Most artist are introverts or public ally peculiar. However they are able to create some of the most outstanding pieces. Music, Fashion,Dance all is awkward expression but very enlightening and beautiful.